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There, When You Need Us. Plan Ahead

Emergency Evacuation Transportation Services. 
Book a Bus Charter is proud to be a selected and trusted provider of emergency, disaster and evacuation transportation services throughout the U.S. Companies engaged in various types of business’s contract with Book a Bus Charter to have vehicles and transportation available in the event of a disaster or emergency to transport people from harms way.

Don’t wait until you need us, with our contract charter and transportation services you can prearrange for your special needs transportation in advance and secure this service with a small annual deposit/payment. Instructions are on file and in the event you need us, we’ll know exactly where to go and what to do. In addition, we can provide you with back up information and contact instructions, telephone numbers including a satellite phone number to reach us on in unlikely event cellular, VoIP or land-line service is down.

To learn more about our emergency disaster services, please contact our office today. Let us help design a program and emergency disaster and relief transportation package for your company, organization or municipality.


School Evacuations
We can provide school buses and/or motor coach service to transport an entire schools students off campus

Building and Highrise Evacuations 
We can transport tenants or employees of your company from your business to an off-site location

Retirement Homes & Communities
Book a Bus Charter can provide vans, shuttles and buses to transport elderly ambulatory person from these residences to another, safe and secure location

Government  Evacuations
Buses can be under contract to provide transportation to personnel to another location in the event of a natural disaster or act of terrorism.